Koshi Chime

The Koshi chime is an authentic musical instrument, an original creation of high quality. Hand made in our workshop at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, each chime is the result of meticulous craftsmanship.

The Koshi chime is deep in sound, rich in overtones and has a long resonance.

It is primarily a musical instrument but by its natural and elegant design it invites itself into every decor.

The Koshi experience

Move the chime gently holding it by its cord: the crystalline relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Suspended, it will play with the wind and carry you away in an unexpected melody. Appreciated by musicians, they are often used in musical compositions. Many sound therapists, yoga teachers and meditation guides around the world use them in their daily teachings.

Choose a melody

Koshi chimes come in 4 different melodies, inspired by the four elements: Terra (G C E F G C E G), Aqua (A D F G A D F A / Pentatonic), Aria (A C E A B C E B) and Ignis (G B D G B D G A / Pentatonic). Each has its own magic timbre and can be played harmoniously with all the others.

Listen to the 4 tones play together :

The creation of a Koshi

Eight chime-rods are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonance tube. Precise tuning creates a play of clear tones that is rich in overtones. The overtones of the shorter chime-rods gradually dominate and become fundamentals, thus forming a circular tone range.

The cylinder, a resonance tube of high acoustic quality, is made in our workshop with thin layers of bamboo and is treated with natural oil. Bamboo is used since ancient times for musical instruments. The cylinder is 6,3 cm in diameter and 16,5 cm high.

Chimes since 1986

Kabir, as ever passionate about musical sound and improving on his previous invention the Shanti® chime, finished his new creation in 2010. Today the Koshi chime has already won the hearts of many sound lovers around the planet.

"I would like to share with you the Koshi experience. Just for a moment, be still and listen. You will be touched by sound."